LDC’s Fair Housing Policy

LDC-Logo_2014Fair Housing Declaration

This Corporation will provide professional educational and housing services without regard to race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin of any prospective client, customer, or of the residents of any community.

Our staff, board, and volunteers will keep informed about fair housing law and practices, and develop advertising that indicates that everyone is welcome and no one is excluded.

The Corporation will inform our clients and customers about their rights and responsibilities under the fair housing laws by providing brochures and other information.

Fair Housing Education and Training

The Corporation shall provide ongoing training and education to inform all staff, board members, or volunteers of their responsibilities under the fair housing laws, and urge everyone to attend and participate in these training program(s).

Public Commitment to Fair Housing

The Corporation shall display, in a prominent place in LDC’s office, a fair housing poster as outlined in 24 CFR Part 110.

Advertising Policy

The Corporation’s advertising policies for the sale or rent of housing shall indicate to the general public that the advertised housing is open to all persons and our policy is designed to attract persons without regard for race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin. Such advertising shall include an official Equal Housing Opportunity slogan or logotype as follows:

  1. In all display advertising, the Equal Housing Opportunity logotype, when used, shall be at least ½” by ½” in size.
  2. In each “classified” advertisement of six (6) column inches or larger in size
  3. In a prominent place in all brochures, circulars, billboards, and direct mail advertising.
  4. In a prominent place on signs and all other forms of advertising not specifically referred to in subparagraphs (a), (b) and (c) above, where its inclusion does not significantly increase the cost of advertising.

Whenever Living Development Concepts Inc. has reasonable cause to believe that an employee, board member or volunteer has failed to make a good faith effort to comply with his or her responsibility under Living Development Concepts Inc.’s Fair Housing Marketing Plan, the Corporation shall contact the party, arrange for a meeting between the Executive Director or Board President and any other principals of the firm to identify and discuss the area(s) of non-compliance. The Executive Director or Board President will determine the corrective action needed to achieve compliance.


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