Housing Advocacy

As an advocate for Fair and Affordable Housing, Living Development Concepts has made a diligent effort to help influence the decisions regarding the allocation of resources. Capital from both the private and public sectors are required in affordable housing and community development activities. Traditional sources of private financing are supplemented by mission-driven for-profit and non-profit organizations. These organizations offer products and programs to support projects that aid in revitalizing neighborhoods and provide opportunity for low- and moderate-income households.

Although there are several reasons why our organization is engaged in housing advocacy, obtaining financial resources and promoting a sound housing policy are the top two. Several of our partners use federal funds and realize how imperative it is to our organization’s success in serving low-income people.

A number of financing tools and federal policies have been developed to benefit low-income households resulting in decent, affordable housing. Nonetheless, in utilizing these programs, only one-quarter of eligible families receive housing assistance. Therefore, the affordable housing field continues to seek fresh innovations to help meet affordable housing needs.

In order to become an advocate for housing and community development issues at the federal, state, and local level the following link to the Tennessee Fair Housing Council serves as a resource guide to assist in that effort.

Note:  The Tennessee Fair Housing Council is a private, non-profit advocacy organization whose mission is to eliminate housing discrimination throughout Tennessee.  The organization provides education and advocacy on housing discrimination, and takes complaints from individuals who believe they are experiencing or have experienced discrimination.  Their work with individual clients sometimes involves negotiating disability-related accommodations with landlords, and on some occasions, they provide legal representation to individuals who wish to file an administrative complaint or lawsuit.


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