Living Development Concepts History

Living Development Concepts, Inc. (LDC) is a nonprofit charitable organization founded in May 2001. The founder, Henry Miller, with over thirty years experience in the real-estate and housing industries has a working knowledge of construction. The majority of his customers had been from moderate income applicants over those prior years. He noticed the need for housing for low-income applicants was not addressed adequately, therefore LDC was formed. LDC became committed to changing the lives of this group of applicants by concentrating on housing education.

Our First Time Homebuyer’s Training Program purposed to teach and prepare future homeowners along with providing direction through additional services to promote empowerment and self-sufficiency. Training would be provided at no cost to the applicants. Through this program, training was given in the areas of credit counseling, education, personal finance, and down payment assistance programs.

We had many highly skilled professionals to come in and donate their expertise in his or her respective area of instruction. Due to the successful training provided by Living Development Concepts, Inc., we were able to assist many first time homebuyers from this group of applicants with the purchase of their new homes.

Henry Miller realized that the mortgage lender's new guidelines presents challenges for the population we serve because of their limited resources but he will not be deterred. His motivation is strong as ever and he will find creative ways to strengthen the program. Education is so vital and we must provide resources to increase the probability of our program participants becoming homeowners. Financial support will positively impact the organization’s current and future operating budgets. The funds will cover the direct costs incurred for the program operation and expansion.

Mr. Miller's resilience and fortitude has lead to Living Development Concepts, Inc. (LDC) being certified as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) for the HOME Investment Partnership Program administered by Metropolitan Development Housing Agency (MDHA) under the guidelines of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Henry Miller is the Executive Director and Founder of LDC. His unique skill set makes him a valuable asset in the development of Affordable Housing and to Living Development Concepts’ development team. Mr. Miller is also a Realtor and has an active Real Estate Affiliate Broker’s License with:

Cornerstone Realty
1925 S. E. Broad Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

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